Box Signs

Box signs or commonly referred to as sign cabinets, come in many sizes and shapes. Traditional box signs can be flush mounted to a wall or hung perpendicular to the wall , this is considered a projecting sign. Sign cabinets can have a single face or multiple faces. The most common source of light fror these signs has been high output flourescent lamps and ballasts. More recently LED’s have been incorporated into many box signs and are considered by some to be more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional flourescent lighting.

Besides solid construction of the cabinet and proper lighting layout, the box sign face is what catches the most attention. Box sign faces can be made from a wide array of materials. The most common face style utilizes sheet acrylic with vinyl or digitally printed applied graphics. Faces can be made from flexible vinyl fabric or more rigid materials such as routed aluminum with dimensional push thru acrylic lettering and graphics. What ever your sign budget, a quality built box sign by Urban Neon will definitely show a positive return on your sign investment.